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The what

This is a plugin for every installation of WordPress which uses a fairly upgraded, less than 5 years old, version of server software. Upon request you can have more details but nothing will break if you try to install it. It has the usual “one-click-install” and uninstall of WordPress.

The how

Once installed, you need to go to “Competitors settings” in the admin menu and check the prefilled roll names for test.

You can display the registration form or competitors scoring list with WordPress shortcodes.

    [competitors_scoring_public]  show a listing of all competitors and their scoresheets 
[competitors_form_public] show the registration form where competitors fill in their data
  1. Once installed, you need to go to “Competitors settings” in the admin menu and check what rolls (or maneuvers) your competition will include. This gets prefilled on installing the plugin but you might want to change langiuage or insert additional maneuvers.
  2. Use Shortcodes on WordPress Posts or Pages. They are a convenient means to show this plugin’s functionality on any page of your WordPress site. They look like the above for the public competitors scoring display and registration form. You can have them on separate pages for live use or on the same page for convenient testing purposes. They will work either way. Upon install, the plugin creates this very page for you. You can use it or delete it as you wish.
  3. In the WP Admin on the page Competitors settings > Judges scoring you now choose a competitor, click the green Start button, give the competitor some scores and then Save scores. You will occasionally see a pesky spinner and overlay to remind you of the Timer.
  4. Intended for live use! Once you click on another competitor in the Admin as a “Judge”, the timer resets! Keep this in mind. You also have a Pause or Reset button if you need it. Normally, only the (green) Start/Pause button and the (blue) “Save scores” button will be used.
  5. At the registration there is a list of checkboxes for rolls. A competitor can uncheck rolls which they will not try to perform. The rolls they uncheck will be grayed out but fully functional for the judges if the competitor decides to perform those rolls anyway. This is for better communication and make for a more interesting comp with less downtime between competitors.
  6. If you’re a web dev interested in contributing or just want to take the code apart, feel free to clone my Repository at Github. Also if anyone has good ideas about making this better, contact me!

List of competitors

  • Default Competitor - Default Club - 20 points
  • Rude Baj - Naboo fishmen - 0 points
  • Rulle Tok - Federation Starfleet - 0 points

Registration RollSM 2024

Remember to submit your registration at the bottom of the page.

Personal info

According to The Rules you get 30 min to perform your rolls. However, to save time and make for a better comp, please let us know if there are rolls you will not try to perform, ie. uncheck some boxes. You can change your mind on the water, we just need a hint for time planning!

Performing Rolls
Name of roll or maneuver. Uncheck the rolls you don't want to perform. You can change your mind during the event.
Innaqatsineq —lying on the back. 2p
Palluussineq — lying on one's belly. 2p
Kinnguffik paarlallugu/nerfallaallugu — coming up on the other side, on one's back. 2p
Pakassummillugu/unermillugu — holding the paddle in the crook of your arm. 2p
Siukkut pallortillugu/masikkut — leaning forward, at the masik. 2p
Kingumut naatillugu — (holding the paddle) pointed/touching aft. 2p
Aariammillugu — touching the area between the shoulder blades. 2p
Kingup apummaatigut — (holding the paddle) at the stern-gunwale. 3p
Siukkut tunusummillugu — forward, touching one's neck. 4p
Kingukkut tunusummillugu — backward, touching one's neck. 4p
Paatip kallua tuermillugu illuinnarmik — using only one arm, with the paddle touching the shoulder. 3p
Qiperuussineq/paatit ammorluinnnaq — sculling with paddle held vertically. 4p
Masikkut aalatsineq — sweeping the paddle at the masik. 4p
Tallit paarlatsillugit paateqarluni/masikkut — holding the paddle with arms crossed, at the masik. 5p
Qaannap ataatigut ipilaarlugu — rotating (the paddle) under the kayak 5p
Pallortillugu assakaaneq 5 — forward rolling, round and round 1p
Nerfallarlugu assakaaneq 5 — rolling, lying on one's back, round and round 1p
Avataq isserfiup taqqaanut qaannap sinarsuanut qilerullugu — with a float tied to the deckline at the isserfik. 5p
Norsamik masikkut — with a norsaq at the masik (forward). 6p
Norsamik kingukkut — with a norsaq, starting aft. 6p
Norsamik nerfallaallugu — with a norsaq, lying on one's back. 6p
Assammik masikkut — using your hand, at the masik (forward). 7p
Assammik kingukkut — using your hand, starting aft. 7p
Assammik nerfallaallugu — using your hand, lying on one's back. 7p
Assak peqillugu /Qilerlugu/poorlugu masikkut — making a fist at the masik. 8p
Assak peqillugu /Qilerlugu/poorlugu kingukkut — making a fist starting aft. 8p
Assak peqillugu /Qilerlugu/poorlugu nerfallaallugu — making a fist lying on one's back. 8p
Ujaqqamik tigumisserluni masikkut — holding a stone in one's hand at the masik. 9p
Ujaqqamik tigumisserluni kingukkut — holding a stone starting aft. 9p
Ujaqqamik tigumisserluni nerfallaallugu — holding a stone lying on one's back.. 9p
Ikusaannarmik niaqoq/pukusuk patillugu — only with the elbow, touching the head/ neck. 10p
Tallit paarlatsillugit timaannarmik — crossing the arms, only with the body. 11p
Pusilluni paarneq — paddling with the kayak turned upside down. 1p
Default maneuver name 10p